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A new social network to share, discuss and explore Wishes.
Open the box of desires with

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Save time and get rid of stress


We use top notch Artificial Intelligence solution to build non-random gift trends

Giving emotion

Keep the element of surpise and give 100% desirable gifts

Save your wishes

You can save all your wishes in one place. Keep them private or share with everyone.

Have tried and liked something? You can suggest it in the recommendations


See your friends profiles

Finding ideas for a friend has never been easier. Just open the friend's profile to see their wishes and needs.

You can reserve wishes and see what has already reserved by others

Check AI based trends 

Discover the latest and most desirable gift trends, ensuring you're always up-to-date with the best gift ideas! Our AI-based algorithms create a live leaderboard of the most popular current wishes.


Meet WishDeck AI Assistant

Use our AI Assistant to analyze profiles in WishDeck, making it easy for you to generate new, inspiring gift ideas for yourself or select the perfect present for a friend that they are sure to love!

Wishdeck Picks!

Explore gift ideas curated by Wishdeck, timed perfectly with current events.
Here, you can find both tangible and intangible gift suggestions—from physical items to gifts of experiences and emotions. Discover more in the Wishdeck app!

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